Panna cotta with beetroot

Here is again  beets! I don’t use it  yet for the reason that I set for myself but for an experiment I’d say well done. Let’s say if you want to do something different, venture a little ‘for Easter dessert, as long as your guests will not disdain the beet, here’s a dessert recipe that we liked especially combined with the ice cream because it takes a little ‘flavor of the vegetable which still exists, even if well-calibrated with cream and sugar.

Voila, Panna cotta with beetroot:

Doses given are for 6 small ramekins, or if you want to put  in the glasses as they are 4, in practice the amount of servings depends a bit ‘on the size of the molds.
Good Sunday to everybody!

panna cotta with beetroot photo 3 panna cotta with beetroot photo 2 panna cotta with beetroot dessert

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