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Pasta with arugula pesto

Pasta with arugula pesto

Dear friends, I would like to make an introduction in this post: now you can follow me on Bloglovin, I have yet to understand why these changes, the rest are a landslide in Technology (luckily there’s my husband, with whom I quarrel all sometimes I do not understand why a club ever), but I got me too.

Of course I added all the blogs I follow, which are in turn with bloglovin and I’ll add more. You are welcome!

Return to us for the receipe of  today I was inspired by the blog of “aria” blog that I like and I follow! She had in her post potato dumplings with arugula pesto,I decided to cook some pasta with this kind of pesto, by the way it’s also very practical, 5 minutes is already done! to you:

Pasta with arugula pesto image 1 Pasta with arugula pesto image 2 Pasta with arugula pesto image 3

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