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Pasta whisky and salmon

Pasta with cooking cream and zucchini

How the legendary Montalbano says “don’t break the cabbasisi”! here is what I said for a while when my husband asked me to give him whiskey and salmon pens …

Obviously I thought  my daughter , I’d put her in a separate saucepan poor joy pasta with salmon yes, but without cream and whiskey. There is time for elaborate meals.Well this season I find them comfortable , especially at noon , they are fast and simple to make , then combined with a little fruit salad and the meal is done. In the evening you opt for grilled meat or cheese and sliced ​​fresh (not always) .

Follow me, Pasta whisky and salmon:

They are really wonderful!

Pasta whisky and salmon image 1

Pasta whisky and salmon image 2

Pasta whisky and salmon image 3

Pasta whisky and salmon image 4

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