Chips of purple carrots

Hello people!! Today I ‘m talking of food now! Today’s recipe is a winner.

Is the second time I bought  purple carrots, this year I’m looking for a lot of new vegetables that I’ve never cooked before, including these one! I stimulate the imagination! Then we are lovers of vegetables!
Recently, I was convinced that they were a cross between carrot and beet, however, thanks to dear Edvige Memento Solonico that there has always been a lots of superuseful information, I discovered that it’s a vegetable older than our carrots , which have a lot of qualities and a strong antioxidant! So that’s fine! Instead of anti-wrinkle creams … purple carrots!
The first time I bought it I made a puree but I was not impressed, so I have not posted it, this time I had the idea of cooking them as if they were potato chips,! just as we do when we make home fries with potatos and without deep fryer, the way home.

Let’s say that I do twice due at noon, but I have literally burned! oh yes it happens! I think you also Cracco little he burned something in his life! .. ahahahha …
I was too excited I have not given up and tonight I remade, among other things, we also decided to eat in a way a bit unusual, but I’ll tell you in the next episode, in order to avoid extensions.
Step straight to the recipe …
Chips of purple carrots:

Chips of purple carrots
Tempo totale
Chips of purple carrots, fried in a tasty and colorful effect
Ricetta: Side dish
Cucina: Italian
  • 8 purple carrots
  • olive oil or for frying enough
  • salt to taste
  1. Cut carrots into julienne, slice the pear 'should not be too fine,
  2. Wash and dry
  3. Meanwhile in a pan bring the oil temperature, put carrots and high heat, cook for about ten minutes, turning them occasionally until they are crispy. Attention to cooking, remove them immediately as they become a little golden otherwise you will burn in an instant.
  4. A nice sprinkling of salt and are ready to be devoured!

Night everyone!

 Chips of purple carrots fried Chips of purple carrots imma3 Chips of purple carrots imma2 Chips of purple carrots imma1

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