Celli stuffed a traditional dessert from Italian region Abruzzo

celli stuffed from abruzzo

This recipe is the recipe of my heart, recalls lovelymemories.

These are “tarallucci of Abruzzo” or in slang “gaggenette” have the scent of the Mediterranean that I will not never forget and that I really love. I remember when my grandmother, knowing my arrival for the summer holidays, bought a whole tray …. eh! Yes! my favorite desserts! I remember in the morning when I wake up, the scent of coffee go up the stairs and I  immediately slipped the costume just went down to the kitchen and here there waiting for the mythical orange thermos full of coffee ‘hot and sweet … so cilliprini’ I call them, cilliprini … (“celli stuffed” the jargon even so ‘) ..

I do not say the difficulty to find the grape jam, in the end I did it!

tarallucci abruzzesi tarallucci abruzzesi macrocelli stuffed from abruzzo

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