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Omelette with turnip tops

Omelet with turnip tops

Ciaooo! How are you getting? Here it’s always raining … uff!

Talking about food, today I cooked a receipe of my mom’s family: The omelette with turnip greens.

My grandmother, in Abruzzo, often made ​​this and It was often cooked by my aunts  now. My grandmother had lots of peaks that grew in the garden. I remember my aunt told me that she always put it in the middle of the sandwich and eat at lunch in the factory, when she still lived in Torino di Sangro, the birthplace of my mother.

A simple omelette, full of flavor and memories:

Well … how my aunt did, I put it  a slice a sandwich in the sandwitch.

Omelet with turnip tops 1 Omelet with turnip tops 2 Omelet with turnip tops 3

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