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Canederli with spinach

Canederli with spinach

Hello! how are you? …

Today I propose a succulent receipe of Trentino: Canederli with spinach .

Today’s version is spinach, but don’ let these screens because soon there will be bacon, the most classic.

The canederli are dumplings of bread, if you can call it typical of the Trentino alto Adige, which are cooked in the broth and then can be served with the soup itself, or with melted cheese, as in this case, or rather with melted butter, my favorites.

Both versions of the recipe was given to me by a friend who cooks them often and that a long long time ago kindly invited us to eat  with her, and she “kindly” gave us the recipe:

Canederli with spinach  photo 1 Canederli with spinach  photo 3 Canederli with spinach  photo 2

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