Convert milliliters into grams from ml to g

How to convert milliliters into grams from ml to g? The question that is often faced with a recipe.

To get an accurate conversion from milliliters (ml) in grams (g) should know the density of the liquid that is to be converted.
Each material has its own density, its own specific weight.
We will use as a reference the conversion of the base liquid, water.

To make the conversion is sufficient to replace the abbreviation “ml” in “g” because the relationship is headed.

  • 10 ml = 10 g
  • 100 ml = 100 g
  • 1000 ml = 1000 g

In cooking, you can refer to this conversion only when you are using the liquid density and smoothness as they approach the water as the drinks in general and also for wines, even if they have a specific gravity slightly different.

Do not use this conversion, or at least be careful when you are dealing with spirits, or dense beverages such as chocolate.

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